[Bf-committers] OOPS Parenting & Patch

Campbell Barton bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 04 Jun 2004 08:20:12 +1000

Hi All.
Im not sure If I have missed the point.

Ctrl Click dosent seem to do a thing, if sombody would like it to then 
go ehead and add it.

Okay- Add a menu item as well as a keyboard shortcut, no prob there?

2nd.. The set_active_base(base) Is DEFINETLY needed since the 
make_parent() func uses all non active selected objects as children. and 
the activer as the parent.

The rationale for adding parenting/clear parenting was that often I need 
to mess around withe the object hierarchy and when I select objects in 
the OOPS view and then need to go into the 3d view to activate one 
(which was the last one I clicked on in the OOPS window anyway) And then 
Parent them in the 3d window.
Why not do it all in the OOPS

- Cam

car wrote:

> I use the keyboard yes, but I also have a tablet and more mice and 
> like the all mouse interface power of apps when they have them, In 
> reverse , I love programs that you can use JUST the keyboard and 
> nothing else, but en whatever, just put it in a user pref and all is 
> well..
> On Jun 3, 2004, at 12:41 PM, Alexander Ewering wrote:
>> But on the other hand, I understood Blender's concept of workflow (using
>> both the keyboard and the mouse at the same time to achieve the greatest
>> possible interactivity and speed) and accepted and adopted it. With a 
>> lot
>> of practice, Blender has become the most efficient user interface that
>> I know of (for me).
>> I'm curious as to how using the keyboard can slow you down. Sure, if
>> you have one hand on your lap and another one on the mouse, it's obvious
>> that pressing keys on the keyboard will require some major body
>> moves :-) But that's not Blender's philosophy...
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