[Bf-committers] IRC meeting minutes, may 30, 2004

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 03 Jun 2004 00:55:46 +0300

Meeting minutes, before I leave for the Netherlands.

1. intel optimising compiler - optimisation in general

There's communications in the beginnings with the user offering Intel 
optimising compiler (Antares, see Testing Builds forum).

Optimisation should be done mostly using code, and keep it from being 
platform specific, both hardware and software, as much as possible. 
lukep has said he'll investigate speedups by using float math (4 bytes).

Approach for this will be bfloat.h with necessary #ifdefs

2. Help-menu patch

I made a small mistake with the previous minutes, when misreading a 
commit message as being the help menupatch, which of course was not 
true. Appologies for that (/me blames something else for that, but not 
sure what).

Suggestion for help-menu: have a splash-like jpeg with hotkeys listed  
la survival kit.

Different platform-managers should check it out and give feedback on the 
status. Moved to next meeting for confirmation.

3. Zoom patches

broken said lots of excitement and anger could've been prevented by 
having this go first through Tuhopuu, Kaito hadn't really expected this 
kind of animosity, though. We go for the user-pref, so users can choose 
which zoom fits them best (and yes, I know that different people think 
differently about what is zoom and what is scaling in what case 
happening to different stuff).

4. Particles

leon is busy with work, so basically same situation. theeth and broken 
(who has not yet but will be contacted by leon about this ;) help leon 
out, theeth with technical side, broken with gui.

5. Yafray plugin integration

Problem: yafray and blender need to be compiled with same compiler to 
work nicely together. Problematic on windows, since data is passed 
around in STL containers. Jandro may be able to work around this for 
windows. Larstiq and apheX_ can help with stl container stuff.

Linux works quite fine, with visible progress!

6. UV unwrap

b-ix and bjornmoose not present, so moving to next meeting.

7. New subsurf

The creased subsurf patch by McFarlen has seen some big improvements, 
with most important weighting. The webpage seems to be unreachable, so 
patch can be seen here: http://www.jester-depot.net/pastebin.php?show=14 
and explaining page here: 
http://www.jester-depot.net/pastebin.php?show=15 (both salvaged from 
Googles cache).

Kaito proposed to study edges for Blender better, cooperation between 
subsurf developer, UV developers, CAD developers etc. to see what is 
needed for edges. Kaito starts with basic dna, files, editmode etc. work.

8. OSA

New osa is better, but also slower. Maybe have option for different AA 
modes, but Kaito hopes to keep the old (bad) code out. Probably do 
optimisations for new code.

9. Other projects

Mention of Aqsis integration project: 

** Other Topics

Kaito will be in Spain for some time, see 
so in his words "Bij rampen, gewoon oplossen" (babelfish does quite a 
good job in translating).

And to close these minutes, a WIP by @ndy: 



ps. I'll be leaving 0900 from Turku, and I'll be back probably 
one-and-a-halfish week later. I'll try to pop in during upcoming 
meeting, though.