[Bf-committers] Win32 paths

Bill Baxter bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 02:29:21 -0500

Ah yes.  That seems to fix it.  Thanks Nathan.  I guess if it can't be 
fixed at this point it should be noted in big bold letters in the 
release notes. The fact that the file chooser returns paths with 
trailing slashes kind of exacerbates the problem.


Nathan Letwory wrote:

> These problems are because of the trailing slashes in the pathnames.
> /Nathan
> Bill Baxter wrote:
>> Load and save of prefs is working fine with Simon's checkins from 
>> earlier.
>> But there are a few other path problems I'm having (and have had 
>> since I started checking out CVS versions a few days back):
>> 1) If I set the YFexport path, I get this message:
>> Yafray found at : C:\PROGRA~1\YafRay\
>> 2) I don't get any scripts in my menu.  I set the Python: dir to 
>> someplace with annotated scripts, but when I click the little 
>> "re-evaluate" icon I just get the popup: "err invalid scripts dir: 
>> check console".  But the console doesn't say anything.  Here's an 
>> example of the annotation in one of the files in that directory:
>> This is on WinXP.
>> --bb
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