[Bf-committers] ...or should i post it to bugtracker ?

Yurec bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 22 Jan 2004 21:00:28 +0600

Hello bf-committers,
 sorry if I'm posting it in wrong place.
 and also sorry for my ugly english (engly uglish).

 - new 'Align Active Camera to View' is great, but :
IMHO  not just 'rot' and 'loc' of camera should be changed, but also zoom lens and 
ortho/persp option to fully coincide with 3d view
(adjust it lens just like lens in '3d viewport properties' setting)
maybe we should have 'force cam align' togglebutton somewhere in prefs 
(i mean if my view is ortho but active cam is persp 'align to view'
should change camera to orhto)
- strange bug in toolbox. Aagain about 'Align Active Camera to View'
  if you have several 3dView and call toolbox from one window
  choose view->align view->'Align Active Camera to View' and if your
  mouse is in another window then camera will align in that second
  window (and if second window wasn't 3dView then camera won't align
  at all)
- BTW hokey in menu for this 'Align Active Camera to View' is wrong.

- Question: in the 'material button' -> 'texture panel'
button between 'clear'  and 'auto-name'  is just for knowing 
how many users of this texture or also for making it 'single user'
(cause in all releases pushing it doesn't changed anything, but in
latest build tooltip saying '...make single...' ,but it's not working)

- in  'f' - face mode, 'copy draw mode' through menu not working in
  latest releases (but ok in 2.31a)

- would you be so kind, please, anybody tell me step by step what should I do
  to make new 'locale' -- russian translation ?
  what and where files that i should change  and tools i shoul use ?

Best regards,
 Yurec                          mailto:YurecKey@mail.ru