[Bf-committers] X11 Fullscreen Above-Panels patch.

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 20 Jan 2004 23:06:49 +0200

Hi Ton,

> Didn't check the code... but from past experience I only remember  
> window managers giving different results back to X11. Even at MacOSX  
> here I can't discover the final trick... you can find commented out  
> code in Ghost-darwin for such a patch too, which just didnt work  
> reliably.
> Plus... the -w option is not for fullscreen, but for borderless. It is  
> very simple just to call blender with "-p x y xsize ysize" to get the  
> exact situation you prefer. Why hack this in ghost?

I think I may have mis-typed or something... um, "blender -w" gives you
a window which is handled by the windowmanager (borders and 
resizeable, etc) "blender" on its own gives a fullscreen/borderless 
window. On some window-managers/setups, no matter what "-p" you send it,
(if any), or even if it is fullscreen, the panel will overlap over the top of the
blender window, which means you lose some of the blender display. What this
patch does is make blender go over the top of panels when it is run
fullscreen. I guess it might need a bit of work: I forgot about "-p", which
might have different desired behaviour (no borders, but going under 
panels? would this ever be used?).

Anyway, this is using some of the atoms which are talked of in the new 
freedesktop spec, which seems to be gaining quite a following, so the "different
WMs do different things" should be obsolete one day (I hope!).