[Bf-committers] Scripts accessible from menus

Andreas Haferburg bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 17 Jan 2004 20:55:13 +0100


> > In any case, my personal opinion is that the aim should be that
> > the user doesn't even need to know what is a script and what isn't -
> > the functionality is added seamlessly to the interface.
> It's good to know when a script is being used, the user might want to
> take a look at its source or look for an update.  If we really hide,
> we'd get questions: is this a script, is that done with scripting, I
> thought that was a script, etc.  That's why I like the Scripts menu in
> scriptspace, it has all of them there, clearly stating they are scripts.

But then again, probably the major part of the users doesn't really care about
scripting. Most users will go to a website, "Oh cool, I can have .3ds file import
in Blender? How do I do this? Hm, ok, this .py file goes there.... yeah cool, now
there's a import 3ds menu item!!!!!111"

Most of the users are probably more CG guys, not coding guys. They are interested
in extending Blender's features when they have to do with scripts. So I think
seamless integration is a good thing for those.

And the few people interested in Python can still go to the scripts directory and
look there for what is a script and what is not.

What's the problem with answering questions, anyway? :)

Best regards

P.S.: How seamless could seamless be at the moment? In the current Python API I
couldn't find anything GUI related. Any extension plans?