[Bf-committers] blender sub-components

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 13:32:37 -0700

There are indeed 3, but some of the details
are a bit mixed up here:

1) "Solid" -- the code is in source/gameengine
and this is Kester Maddock's attempt to restore
the old NaN gameengine

2) "ODE" a.k.a "Kesterji" -- the code for this
is in source/kesterji and this is Kester Maddock's
attempt to extend the integration of the ODE
physics library, which was initiated by Norman Lin.

Note that you can only have either "Solid" or "Kesterji",
but not both built into a tuhopuu executable, depending on
compile time options.

3) "Enji" -- this one was written by Ton way back in the
1950's (roughly)...  it's not very full featured but it's
fast and it's well integrated with the rest of the
"blender code" (i.e., the stuff in source/blender).
Rob Haarsma integrated this engine into tuhopuu.
Enji always gets built into a tuhopuu executable,
whether you want it or not.


Kent Mein wrote:
> In reply to Artem Baguinski (artm@v2.nl):
>>i see that there's two game engines available - solid and kesterji who
>>are mutually exclusive. could "someone working on this" explain the
>>differences between the two? from some archive mails i've gathered that
>>Solid is the old blender's game engine, but that's all i could figure so
> Just in case there are no other replies, there are actually 3
> there is also ODE.
>>From my understanding of it, solid is the most flushed out however it
> was just recently released open sourced and the open sourced version needs
> some modifications to get it working properly.  (being worked on)
> kesterji is the pre solid engine which was added back in because some
> people requested it.
> ode was brought in as a replacement engine that was open sourced.
> Supposedly very feature rich but not too many people willing to work on it.
> Kent