[Bf-committers] blender toolkit [Re: blender sub-components]

Artem Baguinski bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:24:23 +0100

On Thu, Jan 15, 2004 at 11:49:41AM +0100, Ton Roosendaal wrote:
> Hi,
> >>It will be quite difficult, but possible. However, you might end up
> >>then with a library that is not used by Blender itself.
> >
> >that is my main fear actually. there several parts of blender [or of  
> >the
> >future blender] which i'd like to reuse in my own application, GUI
> >design and real time engine being the most prominent.
> >
> >will Blender always remain "everything in one" monolith? i don't mean
> >the application, but it's code. i would think splitting the code into
> >more easily reusable pieces could attract other developers to (a) reuse
> >these pieces (b) contribute to them. the whole source code could still
> >be kept in one "hierarchical" source tree, and "cvs co blender" would
> >get it all, but say "cvs co ghost" would only checkout ghost, without
> >the need for ghost to be separate desynchronized project.
> Hah, there's a gap between 'having plans' and finishing them. :)

sure. i'm rather agitating you then suggesting to do all that ;) may be
it's my way to figure what are you up to developmentwise, i don't know.

> Some things just need time. Developers getting familiar with parts of  
> the code is the first step, which steadily happens for more and more  
> parts. What still works best is little steps forward, small projects  
> that immediate benefit using Blender in a next release.
> If you are motivated for working on the UI code, it might work best to  
> help on our current Blender related projects first. 

i already thought i'd rather do that. is the some TODO or wish list
regarding the user interface? sorry if it's some link in CAPITALS on the
website, then i have missed it.

> Based on that  experience you can much easier decide what's feasible
> or interesting  todo in modularizing code. Which *is* something we'd
> like, but not by  sacrificing all progress for a long period.

agree. i didn't mean to call you or offer myself to that immediatelly, i
rather had a distant look on a project and imagined what would it look
like in ideal world, where software modularises itself, you only have to
suggest it that ;)