[Bf-committers] The INSTALL file

Andreas Haferburg bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 7 Jan 2004 07:18:47 +0100


Just downloaded the sources for the first time, trying to compile under Windows
2000. Now it works, but I had a pretty hard time to finally not set it up
incorrectly! ;)

The problem was this INSTALL file. It told me to get the external libraries, but
referred to the directory as $NANBLENDERHOME/lib/windows. Since it also says for
example $NANBLENDERHOME/intern/make in other places, I thought I had to put the
lib/windows directory in the blender dir. Which is incorrect. It should say
$NANBLENDERHOME/../lib/windows, because the Visual Studio project files won't
work otherwise, giving zillions of compiler/linker errors (yes, warnings too).

Also, it doesn't mention getting the latest service pack for VS. Another 20 mins
to find that out in a bf-committers mail from 2002 or so!

It also says $NANBLENDERHOME/lib/darwin-6.1-powerpc in the MAC section, which
should be incorrect too. But since I don't have a mac, I don't know for sure.
Somebody please confirm.

I updated the file in that regard, and added another line to mention the
QuickTime SDK. + minor cosmetics.

Where can I send the patch?

Best regards