[Bf-committers] Yafray Export Fix for Win32

desoto bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 06 Jan 2004 15:39:09 -0500

Loosely titled a fix...

Basically the problem some people were having (well...ok it might have 
been just me), was that yafray_Render.cpp was using a system() call to 
open the XML file for rendering, only the path that was called was set 
in a string variable called yfr which didn't include quotes around the 
file name.  The end result is that if you happened to be trying to use a 
directory with spaces in the name, it threw an error message and 
wouldn't render.  The fix is on line 122 and I didn't see the need to 
send a patch for a single line and four or five characters changed.  
Here's the way the code should look:

string yfr = "yafray \"" + xmlpath + "\"";

Thats it.  Hope this helps someone.

a.k.a. Chris