[Bf-committers] python callbacks

bf-committers@blender.org bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 6 Jan 2004 10:11:50 +0000


> Great, welcome aboard : ).  I suggest you join the Blender Python
> mailing list:

ah, ok. should i of sent it there instead? i couldnt quite decide.

> Blender.Render is part of the plan, an important addition.  Recently I
> talked to Jacques about it, but I don't know if he or someone else is
> already working on it.  Probably not, since the year has only started.
> Maybe you could get some help.

could you fill me in on what you discussed? at the moment i simply have 
Render(anim=bool), WriteImage(filename) and HideOutput(). this was the 
i wrote for blender tho so i need to re-visit it. on the other hand i 
am using it successfully from one of my python scripts