[Bf-committers] Re: yafray troubles

Alfredo de Greef bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 5 Jan 2004 11:15:21 -0800 (PST)

> I have the same problems. fullcompiler output for
> yafray_render.cpp:
> ..........
> - the acos and sqrt stuff is all in math.h, so
> that's fixable
> - not sure if the redefenition errors are MSVC
> only, other people having
> troubles with this?
> - the operator error......hmmmmmmmmmmmm no idea
> looks like a missed
> includefile?

Jandro probably has fixed this by now, but personally
I thought it was a bit early to commit yet, I only
tested the export code on Linux, no other platforms
were tested yet, so there were bound to be problems.

> Hope this helps, didn't want to mess with other
> people's stuff.

You can mess all you want, I am not particularly a C++
expert, although if I did do something wrong Jandro
would have told me about it by now.
I have heard though that MSVC is a bit problematic
regarding stl, but what do I know...

Anyway, I'll leave all this to Jandro, I'm not going
to do any commits, I'm too scared I will do something
wrong, especially after what Jandro told happened
yesterday when he did the first commit himself...


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