[Bf-committers] SCons updates

Michel Selten bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 22:46:11 +0100


I've made a first attempt at getting SCons doing some cross compilation.
Now it's possible to define the Host and Target compiler and linker. I
suspect more variables are needed to define in the config.opts file. 

Also, now it should be possible to get SCons compiling blender on SunOS.
Kent, could you test this? All you need to do is specify the correct
compiler in config.opts.

In fact, you can replace CC with any tool, so if you want to run 'ncc'
or 'splint' I think that should work as well. I haven't tried it yet.

If you're missing some variables, please let me know. If you're missing
a variable, all you need to do (when testing, not for cvs) is to
Replace() the variable in the library_env environment. You can find this
at line 725 in SConstruct. Don't forget to update link_env in SConstruct
accordingly (line 790).

With regards,