[Bf-committers] Irc meeting minutes feb 22

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 29 Feb 2004 15:50:33 +0100


irc.freenode.net, #blendercoders
16-18h CET (GMT 15, Sao Paulo 13, EST 10,  PST 7,  Sydney 02)

1. Scons
Michel reports it might still take another couple of weeks to get it  
all working. Pending still is:
- game engine compiling (circular dependencies)
- MSVC support

2. engine
No news, Kester was not availble.

3. python


4. new site

Bart is working on the Typo3 content management system. A python  
section created with that now is on the site:

Everyone interested in web-content can contact me for password to a  
'sandbox' to play with the cms. A full proposal for new site plans will  
be presented later.

5. roadmap/module owners

Ton will upgrade the http://www.blender.org/docs/projects.html page.

6. forum guidelines

I've asked Ztonzy and Michel to help moderating the forums. Guidelines  
for moderators are not there really apart from;
- be invisible and in the background as much as possible
- only use the 'power' (closing/deleting/moving) when it is *really*  
needed. For example when a discussion evolves into intentionally  
harming people.
- for special interest forums (python, animation) the active moderator  
is free to develop its own style & personality of course.

Hos volunteers to moderate the animation forum.

7. blender 2.33 projects

- GuitarGeek works on a vertex-loop selection tool. Access by pressing  
B-key three times. Including special cursor for it. Seems to be in  
Tuhopuu only. (NOTE: what is it, how does it work!)
- GuitarGeek also added vertex-select by face, pressing ALT+B. (same  
- Eeshlo still works on improved noise formulas for Blender, target is  
2.33 still
- Aphex will fix .B.blend saving on windows, to make it use the user  
directories in Windows
- Jandro works on support for 'properties' in Blender->Yafray export.  
This is a system currently only used by game engine. (Note; contact me  
for it, there are UI issues!)
- Theeth mentions RobertT's patch, an option which moves vertices  
around with random formula. No real consensis was found on whether it's  
useful to include... could be added to W-menu? Ton mentions it's a  
typical python script to have once Python API supports editmesh.
- Theeth also mentioned push/pull tool, but had to leave meeting early.

8. bounties

Trip_dragon posted the idea on a forum to have rewards connected to  
features. Not much feedback came on this idea. Suggestion dropped,  
until it gets endorsed & organized.

9. OSX-python

New member in team! JeroMiya|OSX offers to build the OSX 10.3 version  
of Blender, based on dynamic linking with Python, since that release  
offers it as default install.
He reported he has it working with the Python Framework library. Issues  
to solve still are the migration to python 2.3 and inclusion of more  
python modules.


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org