[Bf-committers] Triangle as MetaElem primitive

Jiri­ Hnidek bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 22 Feb 2004 12:34:46 +0100

I'm really sorry, that I was so long out, but I had to do some exams in 
school :-(

I implemented MetaElem Triangle, which can be base for "mesh directing 
structure" (directing structure in my devel version is not mesh! it is 
my own directing structure). You can see some captured video of triangle 
MetaElem from my devel version:

	http://e-learning.vslib.cz/hnidek/anim/triangle.mpg (1.6MB)
	http://e-learning.vslib.cz/hnidek/anim/triangle.avi (0.6MB)

Captured video of sharing one MetaPoint between two MetaTubes:

	http://e-learning.vslib.cz/hnidek/share.avi (2.8MB)

Some picture from benchmark (AMD 800MHz, 256MB RAM):


My new proposal is to have only three base MetaElems:
  - Ball
  - Tube
  - Triangle

"Mesh as directing structure"
  advantages: RVK animation, "Armature animation", etc.
  disadvantages: ???
  problems: ???

  - remove nasty bumbs, when MetaMoint/MetaEdge is shared
  - "mesh as directing structure" of MetaElems/Metaballs

Sorry for my english

Jiri Hnidek

 From meetig minutes (8.2.2004):
- Jiri presented a MBall proposal: 
At first sight reactions were positive, but the implications of doing 
this arose some questions. Ton proposed Jiri to look at alternative 
strategies, for example using Mesh as input for MetaBall polygonize(). 
That you have RVK keyframe and transform() functions working at once.