[Bf-committers] Improved Loop Cut REVISED (CTRL/SHIFT/MMB)

Martin Poirier bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 10:32:47 -0800 (PST)

Hey Robert

While going over your patch, I noticed a little
irregularity one of the loop cut loops (very loosely
related to your patch). 
While I was there, I modified your patch a bit. While
it was good, the middlemouse check was out of the
event check loop, which isn't really nice. However,
doing otherwise didn't work since the event checks
weren't after all the working part of the loop. I
fixed that at the same time (that's the irregularity I
mentioned). I also added some code to react to
middlemouse in the first loop selection part of the
code. It ten completely bypass the %cut selection and
directly cuts at 50%. That is even faster than left
clicking and then middle clicking. I also left middle
click in the %cut selection loop, since that is the
only way to have a Smooth loop cut at 50% without
fiddling with the first loop even more.

Patch there:

But anyhow, it will most likely be commited to bf
sooner or later. 


--- Robert Tiess <rjtiess@warwick.net> wrote:
> Hi, Martin!  I'm enclosing a patch based on your
> suggestions.
> If you get the chance to check it out let me know if
> it's what you
> wanted.  I have it set right now so that mmb exits
> the loopoperation
> search loop and commits the cut immediately (done by
> setting
> search=0).  If you'd like it instead to be so that
> the user holds the
> mmb for 50% cut preview and then presses lmb or
> enter/return
> to commit the cut, then the search=0 line just needs
> to be removed.
> I like the immediacy of the mmb cut though.  Nice
> and fast!
> BTW, I maintained the indentation of the first
> CTRLKEY constraint,
> although in my editor it looked like this code block
> should have
> been indented once more to the right.  Just wanted
> to point that out :-)
> If anything should be changed let me know.  Thanks!
> Robert

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