[Bf-committers] Bake Buggy (plus fix/patch)

Jonathan Thambidurai bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 19 Feb 2004 12:58:11 -0500

Baking an IK animation into Quaternion IPOs does not work consistently. 
Here are two examples of the buggy bake function:


To see the problem, load up the file, change to the action view and bake
the action.  Observe that both the baked animation and the original
IK-constraint animation are wrong.  

Attached is a patch to editaction.c that remedies this problem.  If you
run (patched) Blender now and bake the aforementioned animations, you
will see that the Quaternion-IPO's and original action are now correct. 

Sometimes, if you switch between playing the baked and non-baked
animations, the original (non-baked) one becomes incorrect.  To fix
this, change to pose-mode for the armature, select all bones, and clear
their locations and rotations.  The animation should then be correct.

As mentioned before, the patch is attached.  I have also posted it at

I would like this to be committed to the main tree, as there have been
several posts at Elysiun.com about funky baked animations.  Please tell
me what, if anything, must be changed for this to be committed.

--Jonathan Thambidurai