[Bf-committers] Re: Transform Whitepaper

bf-committers@blender.org bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 13:47:49 -0600

Hey guys,

Sorry to just hop in and take a swipe at a subject without commenting more
throughly upon it, but theeth's post about the new transform mode code got my


> /* Always rotate around object centroid */
> if (G.obpose){
> 	VECCOPY (centre, centroid);
> }

Correct me if I am wrong this is the bit that makes bones always rotate around
their own centers and never the cursor? If so I strongly recommend this be
reconsidered in the new transform code since offseting rotation centers for
posing operations is an incredibly usefull thing that is availible in several
other applications but it is very much missed in blender (of course we could
always constrain bones to empties but thats a whole other ball of wax).
Furthermore it would make things more consitent (why should bones be any
different than any other object when rotation around cursor is enabled?)

Of course this would only work for bones that are not 'inversley parented' to
another bone, so it shouldnt be too hard to do. 

If I have misconstrued the point of Martin (theeth's) post or the current state
of the transform code I apologize and retract this rant ;)

Geoff Bantle.