[Bf-committers] yafray GI settings are not sufficient

Gregor Mückl bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 13:20:27 +0100

Am Wednesday 11 February 2004 12:18 schrieb Alejandro Conty Estevez:
> > I'm talking about simulating indirect lighting, the diffuse lighting you
> > would get if you hid a real-world light source behind a screen and have
> > the light hit a brightly colored object (like a room ceiling) first. I'm
> > certain that this could work in yafray, but not when using it through
> > blender.
> Yes, would work, let me do a variation of the previus example. A night
> scene where the light comes from a table lamp ( for example ) i.e a spot
> lighting just a small area in the floor. Is that a good example of what
> you mean?

Almost. The lamp screen should be totally opaque.

> > 2. I have not yet been able to setup photon lights in blender. So photons
> > do not resolve this problem. I even added a photon light by hand once but
> > in this case yafray didn't store any of photons it shot, so it was
> > useless.
> Well, then check the examples and tutorial at blender.org with photon
> setup and all that stuff.

No, that does not help. I switched all light sources to spotlights (they are 
exported as such as well) and turned on photons in the GI settings but yafray 
still won't do any photon calculation, as it should according to your docs. In 
fact, it doesn't even seem to do any GI calculation. And I *am* sure that I 
setup everything correctly. When I use area lights these lights won't even be 
mentioned in yafray's console output. I'm puzzled.

I can send you the scene(s) I'm working with privately so you can check it out