[Bf-committers] Event Handling Slowdown..

Kiernan Holland bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 7 Feb 2004 13:41:38 -0700

The precise experience, when rotation of the view, or of objects, , 
there is about 2-5 second delay before the event is handled (feels like a
delayed response, 
like things just begin to catch a little after beginning the a
transformation of the view or objects), 
sometimes the event is trashed and I have to re-do the event, 
like middle mouse button click in the 3D view on an object.. 

The only thing I can imagine is if there is a bunch of functions busy 
waiting, polling input, instead of being called by the program loop 
when receiving an events from user input. Such delays are usually an 
increase in clutter.. Or if there is no priority of events, like when a 
user key event comes in, which event handlers get checked in what order 
such that there is immediate feedback.. But if using a 
switch/case this shouldn't be a problem.. 

If you look at publisher 2.25 it doesn't have this problem..
Another question would be what other people are using for 
graphics cards.. I can't imagine what is causing this slow down, 
it was in previous versions of the Foundation release.. 

I can check each version to see when it started.. 
I have Blender 2.28 and 2.28a and both don't have this problem.. 

Is it just me? Or is it this way for all the windows users.. Or is 
there something that was deprecated, 
the middle mouse button in 3D view?