[Bf-committers] faceselect undo

Brecht Van Lommel bf-committers@blender.org
06 Feb 2004 16:58:45 +0000


I'm not sure if new functionality will be accepted, since there might
follow a bugfix release to 2.32, but I'll just send in this patch. I've
also created a tuhopuu patch, so I assume that one can be checked.

I've made a patch to extend the undo function to work in faceselect mode
and in the image window. It now uses the same stack and functions as the
mesh undo. Making a separate stack would probably take up to much memory
and it would become invalid when editing the mesh. The undo_pop_mesh and
undo_redo_mesh functions now automatically switch modes if needed.

I still have two problems to figure out. One is that the UKEY in
faceselect mode is already taken by its most important feature: unwrap.
Personally I think we need another hotkey for this, so the undo keys are
consistent, but I've currently left it unchanged.

Second is the fact that the actions are now mixed up in the undo
history, and it's impossible to know if for example 'Rotate' means
rotate in editmode or in the image window. Maybe the rotate function in
the image window should be called 'Rotate UVs' (but that one is already
taken by the faceselect function :). Maybe a separator should be placed
in the history menus to show where mode changes have taken place?

Bf-blender patch:

Tuhopuu patch: