[Bf-committers] Really strange...no rendering at all and materials lost in space

Robert Wenzlaff bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 5 Feb 2004 18:06:27 -0500

On Thursday 05 February 2004 12:50, Meino Christian Cramer wrote:
> First issue:
>  I downloaded some models of the Star-Trek series fro blender.
>  It is possible to show a shading while pressing ZKEY or SHIFT-ZKEY
>  (so the model seems to be ok).
>  But pressing F12 to start rendering pops up a black preview window
>  and that's it. The CPU-Loadmeter of my desktop does not make any
>  move. Adding lamps over and over does not help. ;)

Do you have a camera in the scene?  Even rendering black will eat some 
Robert Wenzlaff   rwenzlaff@soylent-green.com