[Bf-committers] Audio/Video update

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Aug 31 14:58:48 CEST 2004


The main topic you should look at is:

-> what are the new dependencies we have to take care of?

I have no experience whatsoever with ffmpeg. What platforms are  
supported? Is it a static or dynamic lib? Does it involve h/w  
dependencies? Installation issues?
What formats we then can support? How does it work with current  
quicktime & windows libs?

And, is it a huge library making Blender 10 megabyte? :)

Further, the integration of Avi/QT codecs in Blender, and how it all  
was coded, doesn't deserve a beauty prize. I dont blame Phase and  
Stefan for that, it already *was* a mess.
I would appreciate efforts to make it all a generic movie library,  
which can be talked to from within Blender in a uniform way, without  
system dependencies (avi, qt) in Blender code itself.

I mean; it should become a library in bf-blender/blender/intern/, where  
all external dependencies are wrapped.

Same is true for audio. We do have a Soundsystem library, but  
unfortunately audio support in the sequencer doesn't use it. Now  
there's SDL audio added completely separate from it. A third audio  
system I wouldn't appreciate at all...


On Monday, Aug 30, 2004, at 12:35 Europe/Amsterdam, Bob Holcomb wrote:

> Thanks for the feedback.  I've decided to give a whirl, I've started  
> creating the UI for an audio tab and a video tab that will be on the  
> render format panel.  Then I will work at integrating ffmpeg into the  
> sequencer/renderer code.  I'm also looking at creating IPO's that will  
> adjust the audio pan and volume of audio objects in the sequencer.  If  
> you have any pointers about how you previously had looked at doing  
> this, I'd love to know.  A couple of quick questions:  Is it better to  
> use the Tuhopuu-2 code base, or a blender code base when I start or  
> would it even matter for this project?  Is it best to post questions  
> here or at the blender.org forums?   Thanks for your time.
> Cheers,
> Bob
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