[Bf-committers] Some infos about bug #1493 (align cam. to view)

Florian Eggenberger florian.eggenberger at gmx.net
Mon Aug 30 19:32:56 CEST 2004

Kent Mein wrote:

> In reply to Florian Eggenberger (florian.eggenberger at gmx.net):
>>The bug is caused by a cool windows feature! Shift+Numpad0 is the same 
>>as shift+insert. This combo is a system combo for inserting clipboard 
>>content. Instead of VK_NUMPAD0 the virtual key VK_INSERT is fired when 
>>shift is pressed.
>>I couldn't find any solution how to change that or get more states to 
>>distinguish the keys. Maybe I'm wrong. Has anyone an idea how to change 
>>virtual keys without writing a device driver?
>>I guess this will be a "known limitation on windows"
> This isn't a fix but I added this to the Ghost refactoring wiki page..
> http://wiki.blender.org/bin/view.pl/Blenderdev/GhostRefactoring
> Hopefully it will be taken care of with that eventually.
> Kent

This is not a GHOST or Blender problem. It is a Windows problem. I
tested that behaviour with a very simple "hello world" app. Same

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