[Bf-committers] Audio/Video update

Bob Holcomb bob_holcomb at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 30 12:35:37 CEST 2004

Thanks for the feedback.  I've decided to give a whirl, I've started 
creating the UI for an audio tab and a video tab that will be on the render 
format panel.  Then I will work at integrating ffmpeg into the 
sequencer/renderer code.  I'm also looking at creating IPO's that will 
adjust the audio pan and volume of audio objects in the sequencer.  If you 
have any pointers about how you previously had looked at doing this, I'd 
love to know.  A couple of quick questions:  Is it better to use the 
Tuhopuu-2 code base, or a blender code base when I start or would it even 
matter for this project?  Is it best to post questions here or at the 
blender.org forums?   Thanks for your time.



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