[Bf-committers] Re: Layer Manager

Alexander Ewering bf-committers@blender.org
Thu Aug 19 13:28:44 CEST 2004

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Matt Ebb wrote:

>> I oppose the whole panelization and themeability thing. If I
>> commit, I commit the code as-is, and people having more to do
>> with the UI can then erm, improve it :)
> Speaking from my own mind here, if you want to do things your own way, use 
> your own tree. If you want to contribute to the bf project then try to be 
> co-operative and work in a team with the rest of us. The panels are here, 
> whether you personally like them or not and they already allow the 
> flexibility of horizontal or vertical layouts. I recommend you either take a 
> few minutes to put them in panels yourself, or find someone to jointly help 
> you do it, before committing anything. It's not fair to just commit bits and 
> pieces and expect others to clean up after you

The thing is that until now, the whole Layer Manager thing is almost
exclusively UI code.
Someone who understands the new UI code better can much more easily
do it.
I don't commit "bits and pieces" - I commit a fully working system, it
just has a slightly different UI. Well, I wouldn't even consider it
different - the logic buttons, for instance, aren't panelized, either.

> I'd second that it would be extremely useful. Using background scenes is not 
> up to the task when you want to quickly switch the selectability of objects 
> on or off.

Yes, I now agree to that.

>> "Renderable" means what?
> Means the objects in the scene appear in your render. You can sort of work 
> around this functionality currently using the locking layers to scene, but 
> it's confusing and a pain to work with.

What exactly does it mean? Do both (ogl+render) flags to be on for it to
appear in the render, or just the render flag? Currently, using the normal
layer buttons is quite quick to switch only certain parts of the scene on
and then rendering those...

What I had imagined would be "ALWAYS RENDER" and/or "NEVER RENDER" toggles
per layer... which would work "in addition" to the normal visibility flag.

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