[Bf-committers] Re: Layer Manager

William Reynish bf-committers@blender.org
Wed Aug 18 23:54:26 CEST 2004

Nicely done on layer names there. BUT, it's not
compatible with horizontal layout, which IMO fits
better for a long list of layers. How about putting
each block of five layers into a panel (where height
can vary when layer settings are shown, like the
constraints panel). This way it should fit nicely in
horizontal mode as well as vertical.

Plus, how about options like 'Selectable',
'Renderable' and 'Visible'? This would make Blenders
layer management quite powerful.



> I've recently developped a Layer Manager in
instinctive-blender-2 and
> wondered if there is any interest / thoughts in it.
> A NICE, THOROUGH PROPOSAL can be found here:
> http://blender.instinctive.de/layermanager/
> You can be really proud of driving me far enough to
write such a
> detailed HTML. It took me at least 30 minutes! :-)
> Any thoughts on it appreciated.

I like it, alex. :-) Sweet.

One thing which would be good as well ( I think )
would be if the 
in the 3dwindow header also had the colours? It might
make them more
obviously layer buttons. Also be useful for "um, which
layer did I put 
pipes on? (with a glance, no need to press "m"key)

sound sensible?


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