[Bf-committers] Rotate Edge to Replace Flip Edge Feedback Needed

Chris Want bf-committers@blender.org
Wed Aug 18 21:14:13 CEST 2004

I think this would be very nice functionality to
be included, and I had often considered working on it
myself (laziness won in the end). My only comment is
that your proposal does not discuss the behavior when
more than one edge is selected. The old 'face based' method
allowed you to process many faces at once. Have you
considered multiple selections?

By the way, the current ctrl-F is busted in
2.34. The following abberant behavior does not
happen in 2.33:



Johnny Matthews wrote:
> I am looking to replace the current CTRL-F flip edge with a rotate
> edge function. The major difference is that you select a singe edge to
> rotate rather than 2 whole faces. The addition of this feature will
> let you rotate the edge between not only 2 tris, but a tri-quad and a
> quad-quad. I would like input to see if people think that changing the
> way CTRL-F is used for 2 tris is a major enough change to worry about
> or if this simpler method is a good replacement.
> http://www.gvc.net/~johnny/blender/rotate/

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