[Bf-committers] Python enhancements... fills, bools, etc.

Theodore Schundler bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 18 Aug 2004 02:39:00 -0700

To test out an idea for improved booleans, I wrote a python script. To
save myself the hassel of writing a fill routine, I quickly added a
python interface to blender's internal fill. I'd imagine my experiments
aren't the only place where access to those operations would be handy.
I'd be glad to add them, but where should they go - in NMesh (booleans
are mesh operations after all) or Mathutils (the fill function can just
as easily be used on a list of vectors as it can be on a set of
verticies and edges)?

Also, I was also thinking it would be helpful for some of the fuctions
to accept their input in a variety of forms, such as creating an NMVert
from three separate parameters, or a list of three floats, or a Vector.
Again, I'm willing to work on this, just want to check that others think
its worth while.


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