[Bf-committers] Feature Proposal Update again -> Boolean

Theodore Schundler bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 17 Aug 2004 16:58:07 -0700

I've started some work on a new boolean system by the way, since the
current one has been frustrating me more & more. I've posted info on
elyisun: http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29200
In my tests it works rather nicely.

If one of you guys out there uses windows, it would help if you could
compile a version of blender with the fillVertLoops function for python
added so more people could test it. If it turns out that my ideas
actually work and there aren't any fatal flaws in it, then I'll look
into making a C version to replace the current booleans. (Unless there
is some convincing argument why the current booleans are superior and
must stay)

I don't see any problem with the workflow. You have operations A&B, A|B,
A-B. A is the first mesh you select, B is the second. Because you are
selecting the meshes first, you know you have the right mesh selected,
as opposed to selecting the B mesh afterwards as I think you are
proposing, where you might select the wrong mesh.
Also, there isn't much need for a separate option to delete or keep the
originals. After the boolean operation the original meshes are still
selected. You can just delete them then in two key strokes if you don't
want them. And simpler paths through a particular operation is better,
so extra levels of options are a bad idea unless there is really a good
reason for them.


>>> bart@neeneenee.de 08/17/04 2:11 PM >>>

...and again a update of my proposal. I thought about the boolean


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