[Bf-committers] IRC Meeting Minutes, 15 Aug, 2004

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 18:47:06 +0300 (EEST)

IRC Meeting Minutes, 15 Aug, 2004

1) release review / bug reports
    * Martin P is working on LockTrack code (debug + refactor)
    * Nathan L committed fix in Ipo module (as reported on release article
thread and in Forum)
    * Nathan L created a Scripts group for bug reports
    * JeanLuc started a document on ML for reviewing the feature request.
Nathan L / JeanLuc can manage
    * Ton R checks for issue with python (10.2 binary doesn't run on 10.3)
    * No real showstopper bugs, so no 2.34a release. Release managers can
do updates to their binaries though (blenderplayer needed for Linux
and OS X 10.2)

2) B-Con 1: possible 2.35 features & roadmap
    * Matt E / Ton R will go over UI todos for feasability

    * bpython standardisation (Stephen S & Willian)
    * ghost/carbon (JeanLuc - taken from previous meeting notes)
    * softbodies (Ton R/Jensen O.M.)

    * 'one line py script per num-button'-feature. Got to determine still
wether py or expression (Ton R + py team)

    * improvement on demo loop code (Willian? and anyone who is able to help)
    * improvement of char anim tools (contact Herman B and armature dudes
about this: Nathan L. See for reference
and the thread it belongs to)
    * redo icons (Matt E and Ton R)

    * ocean effect? (Simon Harvey, Nathan L will contact)
    * layer management? (Alexander E)
    * multi-resolution mesh modelling?
    * Hypertextures?

    * feature tracker cleanup (see 1)

    * This discussion will be continued on ML/IRC and next meeting

3) Other issues?

    * Nope

4) Next meeting -> Sunday meetings: 16-18 CEST (GMT 14, Sao Paulo 11, New
York 10, LA 7, Sydney 00)