[Bf-committers] Fix: Using Yafray for background rendering

surgeprotector bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 13 Aug 2004 01:18:50 -0600

Alejandro Conty Estevez wrote:
> This is right. I've not yet been able to use the plugin so far (In fact, I 
> only noticed today that this exists at all). But still this patch isn't in 
> vain because the plugin code seems quite unstable to me at the moment.
Speaking of this, I've never been able to get the Yafray plugin to work. 
Every time I attempt to render even the most simple of images (the 
standard cube with one spot light, for example), I get a segfault very 
shortly after initiating the process. I think I've tried this on at 
least two different linux boxes, both with the same results.