[Bf-committers] August 08 2004 - Meeting Minutes

Maarten Gribnau bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:18:32 +0200

Hi Jean-luc,

Yes you are right, there is room for improvement. Especially with the old-style
Carbon code and the keyboard support.

Multiple monitor support is easy to add but Blender needs to be aware of it too
for it to be of any use. That is why it was never finished. If Blender
remembers the window positions or allows artists to work in a multiple window
set-up, multiple monitor support makes sense. The bad news is that this is much
more work than extending GHOST.

I guess the ghost developers list should be the place for discussions although
it is really quiet there. Are you aware that there is a separate repository for
GHOST? The idea was to phase GHOST out to a real libary in a separate CVS so
that it can be used in projects besides Blender. However, this was never
finished but I believe that there are still some improvements that were never
posted to the Blender repository.

How to proceed? I guess I will wait if you have detailed questions. I am also
willing to think with you on the design issues.

Greetz, Maarten

> >> On with future projects:
> >> - lukep will be working in Carbon specific part of
> >> GHOST that need reworking. General parts of GHOST
> >> would probably need reworking too but he'd need the
> >> help of a GHOST expert for that (consider that a call
> >> for help)
> >
> > What needs to be done?
> > I am willing to help if it can be done in spare time.
> Thanks.
> Mostly the carbon code used is MacOs 9 era. some parts
> causes problems or are deprecated and will be axed
> one day or later.
> Keyboard support is done in a way that make it not
> international friendly.
> The more general work is linked to multiple monitors
> support. A part of the redraw problems we have on
> Os X is due to context changes non properly handled
> when we go on the dock area or the mouse change
> monitors.
> For Os X at least, adding multiple monitors supports
> should be easy, but I have no idea if it can be done
> the same on other platforms.
> I have also some improvements/(design issues) in
> mind but it is a bit early to expand on that.
> I will work on the carbon code and make a clear
> proposal of other changes.
> I may also need help to understand some fine
> or wise points.
> Where is the proper place to communicate on this ?
>   here or on Ghost-devel list ?
> --
> Jean-luc
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