[Bf-committers] Feature Proposal

surgeprotector bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 10 Aug 2004 00:14:17 -0600

Bart wrote:
> Dear developers,
> first: thanks to all for the new built!
> After i talked with other cg artists about blender (i use Blender, they 
> use 3dsMax) i started creating a feature proposal:
> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/
> It is just a beginning, just a proposal not a law.
> ope this is inspiring.
> Sorry for my bad english.

Some nice features there. I'd like to comment on a couple of them. 
First, the multiple face loop would be nice, and save a few extra steps 
if you need to insert several loops within given region. Second, the 
solidify function has some usefulness as well. I notices that in your 
examples, you have objects that typify something else that Blender is 
missing - a non-proportional scaling feature (inset?) You can see that 
with both the cylinder and the half-sphere, the scaling was done on all 
three axes- I'd think you'd want the rims in each of the objects to be 
flat, and have an equal distance between all points on both the inner 
and outer shells. Non-porportional scaling, in my opinion, is every bit 
as necessary as its porportional counterpart. I mention this because I'm 
assuming that it would be part of the solidify feature, and it could 
just as easily be added as an option the regular scaling function.

I'd like to add another - a global switch for subsurfs. There are times 
when working on a complex scene with even a moderate number of subsurfed 
objects, you want to work in brute production mode. In other words, 
you're not concerned with the appearance of the objects in the 3D 
window- you're more interested in pounding out polys. I propose that you 
be able to turn off all suburfs (without affecting the settings of any 
individual object), and then turn them back on as needed when refining 
the details.

Comments welcome.