[Bf-committers] August 08 2004 - Meeting Minutes

Gabriel Beloin bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 09 Aug 2004 02:23:15 GMT

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>- Nice long beta
phase means less bug
(good thing)
>- BCon status seems
to be appreciated by
>- lukep suggested
we host official
beta version on
>blender3d.org with
more obvious links
to them. The
>win32 version was
down 2 days before
release because
>of hosting problem.
Hosting problem in
general would
>be solved by
hosting official
betas ourself.

Yes i think it's
cool and have worked
prety well. As
someone involved in
beta testing for
this release(Well I
did some effort to
help din't I?), I
can say I saw a
difference between
2.33 and 2.34 on
bugtracker and
commit log. Good
work for bugfixes!

The "host problem"
episode was very
sad. The bigest bad
luck i got with my
ISP. In fact the
server came back
online right after
the release. It was,
to my memory, the
first time this
appened. Anyway. If
you plan to move
hosting to a more
"official" host like
blender3d.org, I'm
willing to maintain
this area, or task.
As providing win32
build(maybe linux
too), support to
beta tester,
feedback bugtracking
and of course

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