[Bf-committers] August 08 2004 - Meeting Minutes

Martin Poirier bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 8 Aug 2004 17:27:50 -0700 (PDT)

We had sort of an informal meeting today where we
discussed the release and future projects.

On the release topic, we pointed out things that went
well (or better than before) and things that could
still be worked on.

- Nice long beta phase means less bug (good thing)
- BCon status seems to be appreciated by non-insiders
- lukep suggested we host official beta version on
blender3d.org with more obvious links to them. The
win32 version was down 2 days before release because
of hosting problem. Hosting problem in general would
be solved by hosting official betas ourself.
- Some users asked for pdf release notes last time
(2.33). Now that the release notes are rather bulky,
it would be nice to release them as pdf too.
- Same thing for python docs where the changes from
one version to another should be pointed out clearly.
- thumbs up for bittorrent, though it wasn't really
- lukep raised the point of synchronisation with
yafray release. Maybe host the files on blender3d.org
to save them the bandwidth (there's a bandwidth
warning on their site).

On with future projects:
- lukep will be working in Carbon specific part of
GHOST that need reworking. General parts of GHOST
would probably need reworking too but he'd need the
help of a GHOST expert for that (consider that a call
for help)
- There was some talk about standardization issues
(present and future) in bpython. Should be talked
about more in the appropriate mailing list.
- Siggraph papers: This is a rather bulky task, but
someone with both scientific knowledge (would be
needed to understand properly) and Blender codebase
knowledge should really go through present and past
SIGGRAPH papers. This is a humongus task, but there's
a lot of good ideas laying dormant there. Volonteers
raise you hand!
- The issue of tracking new features was raised when
we discussed porting features from tuhopuu. Lukep
suggested doing a feature tracker where anyone could
post a new entry when they're working or planning on
working on a feature. Those entries would track the
status of features (planning, coding, need help, in
tuhopuu, testing, porting, ...) and using that, it
would be easy to link bugs to coders responsible for
feature (in a more precise way than module owners).
This would also help track half made features that
could be restarted by other coders and more generally
help people work together in a more organised way.

That's pretty much it.

Hopefully next week jesterKing will be there to write
proper minutes ;o)


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