[Bf-committers] Feature Proposal

Jonathan Merritt bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 08 Aug 2004 12:22:24 +1000

OK, it seems that the "drag functionality" of solidify is actually 
extrusion along surface normals.  This is different from what I'd 
originally read as being a "cap holes" function.

Jonathan Merritt.

Bart wrote:

> I updated the solidify section with a example picture and links to 
> solidify plugins from other software (bottom).
> Take a look.
>> Jonathan Merritt wrote:
>>> Hello Bart,
>>>> After i talked with other cg artists about blender (i use Blender, 
>>>> they
>>>> use 3dsMax) i started creating a feature proposal:
>>>> http://www.neeneenee.de/blender/features/
>>> I'd say that the first three of these features - advanced loop 
>>> subdivide, hilight move axis, and the different viewport behaviours 
>>> - are all relatively minor things (certainly the last two).  
>>> However, the relatively insignificant details of tiny features like 
>>> these seem to be endlessly, endlessly debated, so I can only wish 
>>> you luck on finding a consensus... >:-]
>>> In Tuhopuu at least, the axis along which an object is being dragged 
>>> is already shown (as you describe) when that axis has been 
>>> constrained.  I haven't been using the main Blender tree for a 
>>> while.  Is that feature not yet available?
>>> Your final suggestion - a solidify function - sounds partially like 
>>> the "Cap Holes" modifier from 3DSMax.  I'm not sure exactly what you 
>>> mean by the dragging capability of this function though.  Could you 
>>> perhaps expand on that idea a little, maybe with some more 
>>> examples?  What is the proposed algorithm, and (how) will it work 
>>> for complicated meshes?
>>> Jonathan Merritt.