[Bf-committers] Replicable Crash in 2.34 with Yafray plugin, and suggestions

Charles Wardlaw bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 7 Aug 2004 17:52:02 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

First, kudos for all the new features.  Now it's just a matter of
learning them... ^-^;

After the obligatory glass balls image in Yafray, I loaded up some of
my other scenes (which had all been previously rendered in Blender's
internal renderer) to see how they looked in the new system.  I have
one that crashes Blender every time, on both my PC and my Mac.

Here's the file:

In the internal renderer it obviously subsurfs the objects (takes a few
seconds) and then renders.  In Yafray, if you look at the console, it
converts all the objects, stalls, and crashes Blender.  My PC is a
2.8gHz celeron with 256meg of ram running XP, and my Mac is a G3 iBook
800 with 384 meg of ram.  Identical crashes on both platforms.

If I turn off all subsurfing the image renders alright.  I'm guessing
this has something to do with the ungodly number of polygons in the
scene; I think the frame total is something like 530,000 polys.

Also, I think that the XML button should be off by default in Blender,
and that since Yafray takes a fair sight longer in larger scenes to
*start* rendering, it might be nice to have a console-ish text bar on
the side of the render windows.  It's all fine to say that people
should just launch blender from the terminal, but most normal (read:
non unixers) users wouldn't bother, and windows is currently the only
system on which Blender generates its own output window.  Using Ghost,
something similar to the Python text editor could be tacked onto the
side of a render window, so that every time something gets printed to
the console there's also visual feedback.  That way Mac users wouldn't
have to go searching through the console logger, and they'd also have
more feedback when the little pinwheel just sits and spins.

Oh, and is there a list somewhere of things that do and do not get
passed from Blender into Yafray?  Settings, procedural materials, etc? 
A list not in the source code?

Anyway, does anyone else get the crash from the above linked scene?
- Charles