[Bf-committers] End-User confusion may be

Campbell Barton bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 18:07:38 +1000

I agree, ctrl+q would also be less likley to be accedenta;y hit as 
ctrl+w (qw being next to eachother)

- Cam

Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

> as a so called end-user I may become confused that I cannot leave
> blender "the normal way" (QKEY or "cookie" :) when the only window I
> have currently open is the text window.
> Any other type of window supports the QKEY on its surface, while the
> Text window cannot for known reasons. But the header could respond to
> QKEY as on other windows.
> Or make CTRL-Q "Exit" as in so many other applications.
> Kind regards,
> Meino, the end-user ;)
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