[Bf-committers] Numerical info drawn with the mesh..

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Sun, 1 Aug 2004 20:33:53 +0300

> > Display, Edge Length and Face area-
> > Good for progects where dimensions are needed, it also tuens any 
> > edge   into a ruler.
> > Its also possible to only draw these extra options for se;lected
> > edges/faces (Thanks Ton)
> > The code is probably bug free because the whole process is quite simple
> > and copied from similar, existing code.
> > Look in the Mesh tools 1 panel for these options.

Brilliant Cam! I have wanted something like this for quite a while!
Thankyou very much!

> > I think the 4 buttons at the top of Mesh Tools 1 should be removed ind 
> > put somewhere else.and the panel could be renamed to "Mesh Display 
> > Properties"

The whole of the mesh buttons needs re-organizing, with much thought and
argument. *grins at intrr* I'm looking forward to seeing "Alexander Ewering" 
appearing fairly frequently in my inbox...