[Bf-committers] not working script

Willian Padovani Germano bf-committers@blender.org
Sat, 31 Jul 2004 22:15:48 -0300

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(about .blender/bpydata/ dir)
>  In what doc in the CVS-source tree is that mentioned ?
>  Or do I have to dig in the sources ("...as end-user"...this became
>  slowly but surely a runnning gag...;) to figure this out ?

We all agree that build environments gotta include an "install" target to
take care of these things, even for developers.  Coders are working on this,
as you can confirm checking the release target in the release/Makefile or
the SConstruct file, for example (btw the later needs a small update to copy
the whole bpydata dir tree, will mention tomorrow).

>  Now the script starts. Selecting "English" as language produces
>  buttons with english labels and spanish help texts...

Yes, with time, work and some guidelines, integration can be made smooth.
But we're still in the early steps, everything is moving.  Since fixes can
still be committed and I had some free time, I updated the tips in kloputils
to use English, thanks for remembering me.

>  Is any docs/pdfs out there for kloputils?

Carlos López, author of the script, wrote a doc for it:

That's a fine script with a good set of tools, btw.

Willian, wgermano@ig.com.br