[Bf-committers] Fwd: Linux Installer for Blender

Daniel Lopez bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 14:37:20 -0700


This is maybe getting a bit off-topic for the list, but I want to address
all concerns. If you prefer, we can take conversation off-list, it is fine
for me either way

> I'm not quite sure wether this is is appliciable here. As I see it your 
> reasoning is as follows:
> 1. The installer is a generic script interpreter.
> 2. The installation script makes up the particular installer's characteristics
> 3. Thus, if the installation script is licensed under the GPL this will not 
> affect the installer.

No, no :)  Just wanted to point out that if the program is treated as data,
without trying to link or otherwise interface with it, it is fine.

> I'm starting to think that what you are doing is indeed legal, although I'm 
> not 100% sure about it. I still have an unusually number of open questions 
> related to this issue. Usually I can say right away wether something is 
> allowed or not under the GPL. In this case I can't.
> However, if you want to have watertight solution, I'd recommend you to pass 
> out a license of your installer to one of the blender developers and let this 
> developer build the blender installer for linux. This way, the worst possible 
> case is that the blender installer has to be removed from the downloads.

Yes, we are more than happy to give a free license for use by the Blender
project. The reason for us building the installer was to make it easier for
you guys. In any case, if you, the copyright holders, do not see a problem,
then there is no problem.

Best regards