[Bf-committers] Fwd: Linux Installer for Blender

Daniel Fairhead bf-committers@blender.org
Wed, 28 Apr 2004 18:37:34 +0300

Jiri said:
> For objective decisions: I made one blender linux installer for testing:
> http://e-learning.vslib.cz/hnidek/installer/blender-2.33-installer.bin
> It could have some bugs (my first package :-) ).

Worked well for me. Thanks Jiri. :-)

Ton said:
> Hey Linuxers over here... what's your opinion of this offer?

I like it. This is a pretty cool installer, and seems a fairly good idea. My only 
concern with the concept is that if many people start doing this, then we could
end up with DLL-hell ala windows. Thats one of the things RPM/Deb/portage etc
is supposed to solve, and does (partially) to a certain degree. If there were a
way this could check for RPM or Deb on a system, and install into them (if
installing as root only, obviously), then I would be very happy with this idea. (Any
chance of this kind of thing in the future, Daniel (Lopez)?)

As it is though, as we don't do RPMs or Debs (officially) and as blender is (from a 
system point of view) a fairly simple program, I like it. Makes things much better
for newbies (not that they were bad before).