[Bf-committers] Release 2.33 ahead!

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 13:47:59 +0200


CVS is moving to a total freeze now, discussed last sunday at IRC  
meeting was the following:

- writing standalone games won't be a supported feature for 2.33. Ton  
wil remove menu item for it. It needs confirmation from Kester  
though... but it has impact on installations as well, so might be  
better to postpone for an upgrade or next release

- not many reports are in about proper or improper game engine  
behaviour. Looks like the core team here still lacks enthusiast Blender  
gamers. :)
A release with engine enabled in 2.33 might attract new developers  

- Willian has an interesting new patch for the Python API allowing  
Library Link/Append. Will be committed.

- Goofsters shows a very interesting 'bridge' tool for Mesh editing:
Won't be 2.33 target though. Most people in channel liked the avi a  
lot, we could use more of that for our tutorial section!

- Theeth will add a new Object size flipping menu

- Ton still has some improvements on his list for AO and tracing.

- Python 2.3.3 migration
About this topic a confusing discussion went on. :)
Apparently Willian was waiting for all platform managers to link/test  
with the new Python library, to revise (add) more modules standard  
included in Blender. Sofar he only witnessed a Linux test with it,  
which already gave problems with some Linux Distro.
For Blender 2.33 agreed now is:
- only link Blender with the new 2.3.3 Python library
- platform managers should test it and upload binaries for review
Changing the standard modules, and/or how it's installed then becomes a  
target for next release.

(BTW: recent topic here and on tracker seems to advise to have two OSX  
releases. One for 10.2 (static) and one for 10.3 (dynamic linkable,  
since python became part of the OS)

- Schedule:

Mon/Tue: check python, do final bugfixes in projects you were assigned  
to anyway
Wed/Thu: if testing goes OK, a final FREEZE is annouced, cvs tagged,  
and we can go to actual release mode
Thu/Fri: release available on web.

- release notes! (everyone: put in Typo3 CMS or mail me docs)
- Splash! (who?)
- Test, test and test once more.



Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org