[Bf-committers] Pop-up menus

john tuffen bf-committers@blender.org
Tue, 27 Apr 2004 10:03:43 +0100

Ok, if it's going to be part of a larger Blender re-write, I'll stop looking 
at trying to fix the Radeon problems I have... I'll be happy to help - I'll 
try and pop over to IRC this evening maybe.

I now have all the buttons drawing to the back buffer, and the only things 
that don't display are pop-ups (menus or tooltips). I still need to address 
the B-select and 'render-progress' text which are drawn into the front buffer 
(the B-select is a particular problem as there is a massive lag due to the 
text being drawn to the front-buffer). Rendering (F12) takes a long time due 
to the 'render-progress' text which is displayed top-right of the main window 
(standard Blender takes 1.2 seconds on my machine to render the default scene -
 1 cube, 1 lamp, 1 camera - whilst my 'optimised' version (drawing text to 
back buffer, doing swap-buffer) takes 0.2 seconds to do the same thing!)

If there's anything else in this area I could be usefully doing, let me know :)



Quoting Ton Roosendaal <ton@blender.org>:

> Hi,
> On our irc channel I went with Daniel over possible strategies to  
> review the swapbuffers method as used in Blender. Most likely we'll  
> find a system that:
> - not uses any frontbuffer drawing or reading
> - will preserve a fixed updated backbuffer always
> - not call a system swapbuffer, unless that is guarenteed a _copy_ of  
> back to front buffer
>    (the latter is true for OSX, and for several recent 3d cards
> - find good cross platform code (or extension calls) that provide a  
> partial window copy, this to copy headers, buttons, menus or single  
> sub-windows to front in Blender
> With all different kinds of graphics systems, still not an easy task to  
> accomplish. It's being evaluated still, feedback/research on what a  
> fast & simple & compliant copybuffers would be still welcome.
> It's also quite a rewrite for Blender, so something to carefully  
> coordinate. :)
> -Ton-