[Bf-committers] Pop-up menus

john tuffen bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 10:11:10 +0100

(This is probably a question more for Martin, but anyway...)

I'm going over the UI code at the moment (interface*.c etc.) to remove writes 
to the front buffer (since this is the thing which seems to slow down the ATI 
Radeon). I coded a quick hacky fix where I called "myswapbuffers()" at 
appropriate places in order to display pop-ups, tooltips etc. Unfortunately, 
this causes the screen to flash horribly in certain cases (On my Radeon, when 
in Vertex paint mode; on an Intel integrated-graphics chipset, the screen 
flickers at every opportunity!).

Anyway, I have taken out the calls to myswapbuffers and made a few other 
changes and now the buttons do the right thing when pressed/hovered over, but 
I can't figure out how to get pop-ups/tooltips to display... Anybody got any 
hints? I could wade through the code I guess, but it might be quicker just to 



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