[Bf-committers] GUI menu locked in window

trip bf-committers@blender.org
Fri, 23 Apr 2004 19:40:37 -0400

Simple idea. What is it that locks a menu group in a window? The N key 
transform menu seem to be a different menu style than the toolbar 
menus. But an IPO window has the same window type as the N key to. But 
you can not move the menu to the 3d view.

So, the idea is:

Make all menus into the close-able kind then remove the window lock.
Problem: closing a window would make the window go away. Answer: it 
would just snap back to the home of where it normally lives.

Use: This would give the power to make custom windows with all of the 
menus that you need.
	It would give the power of having only the 3d view open with all of 
the menu's that you want. And it would make the interface more up to 
date looking with it's transparency.

This is not a feature request per say. I am willing to try and figure 
it out with some help. So please give me some insight if you can.
The biggest idea for it is way beyond my clue of thought. But if we 
could have a button Maker interface that could link buttons to features 
so a custom interface could have a super custom menu. More mock ups