[Bf-committers] Renderman patch

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Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:49:32 +1000

Hello Ton,

I didn't see a mention in the email of which developer contributed this 
code.  Is this Paul Gregory's work (the lead developer of Aqsis)?

IMHO, avoiding the export of polygonal faces is a good policy for many
RenderMan renderers.  This is particularly true for REYES implementations
(note: RenderMan != REYES necessarily, despite the close association), 
where curved surfaces may be diced and shaded far more efficiently within 
the renderer itself than they could be when passed down a pipeline from 
Blender.  There are numerous other benefits in keeping the high-level 
primitives that I could enumerate if anyone is interested? (I mean that 
as a question; it may be good to introduce some of that discussion 
here :-).  Suffice to say that I think there is a great deal to be gained 
from the extra work (I think it is quite a *lot* of extra work!) of 
exporting at a "higher level" than a single primitive type.

Will this code be combined into a CVS build in the forums somewhere?  I
currently don't have access to development tools, but I have a Windoze
box running Aqsis! :-)

Jonathan Merritt.

> Hi all,
> Below instructions and code as received in today. Apparently the 
> developer didn't yet choose to go for the yafray route (render faces), 
> but he notes it might be interesting to check out later on.
> I'd like to get some feedback on it!
> Thanks,
> -Ton-