[Bf-committers] (Amsterdam) coders meeting

Ton Roosendaal bf-committers@blender.org
Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:54:24 +0200

Hi Dutchies,

It would be a good idea having a day to meet in real life (and speak  
our beloved dutch!) together in june. Coincidentally JesterKing also is  
in the Netherlands then. :)
On IRC yesterday friday june 11th was choosen as a suitable date. Idea  
is to do actual work in daytime, and join for dinner/drinks in evening.

I'm open for topics people will bring in, but what's possible to do  
then is:

- review & personal help on current projects the attendees work on
- how to migrate Blender into more modularized structure
- explain what the Verse consortium will do, and how we can use it
- setting up initial research projects for a Blender3
- preparations/suggestions for october Blender conference

I also like some feedback & ideas how to mature the BF organization,  
especially to not have a single chairman doing it all. Time to delegate  
more, eh. :)
Please let me know if you're interested to attend.

For everyone:

During June 3-5 I will visit Spain (Santiago and Gijon), August 3-8 in  
LA (Siggraph) and in Sept/Oct most likely there'll be an Italian  
Blender artist/coder conference in Milano. Plus of course in Amsterdam  
again end of October.
Also during these events we'll do feedback sessions as mentioned above.

An idea that popped up was to endorse more such local events organized  
by active participants in Blender projects worldwide. It can be very  
informal, but we can also present some agenda/template and discussion  
Purpose of such meetings is not to make decisions, but to help each  
other out and communicate on topics in real life. Results of such  
sessions of course should be put in our beloved CMS system.
I'll also put the definite schedule of events online.

What do you think?


Ton Roosendaal  Blender Foundation ton@blender.org