[Bf-committers] Patch for removing streamGlue sniffing

Nathan Letwory bf-committers@blender.org
Thu, 15 Apr 2004 23:41:36 +0300

I have uploaded a rather big patch to my server and is available from: 
http://www.jester-depot.net/downloads/remove_glue_part5.patch (part5, 
since it was the fifth trial of cleaning the patch/code)

The patch is part of removing the streamGlue stuff 
(read/writestreamglue), and with it the upcoming demise of inflate, 
deflate, sign,  decrypt, encrypt and writeblenfile (yes, I'm feeling 
genocidic today :)

I have tested it sofar only with SCons, I heard the little birds on IRC 
sing that makefiles does it almost automagically, but when you start 
testing this patch, please beware of any anomalities.

To make sure the buildprocess goes fine for SConsers, copy 
BLO_sys_types.h from  source/blender/readstreamglue to 
source/blender/blenloader (in source/blender/quicktime change include 
from readstreamglue to blenloader for BLO_sys_types.h)

 From the SConstruct remove the libraries for read/writestreaglue, 
inflate, deflate, etc (the aforementioned ones).

If you want to test runtime writing and reading, but you don't have a 
blenderplayer(.exe/.app) handy, you can always copy some other (small) 
file and rename it to blenderplayer(.exe/.app). It doesn't change the 
reading/writing of a runtime, but of course, the runtime is not a real 
runtime ;)

I have tested this with all files I had available, and they all loaded 
and saved fine (the 225 gamedemos, secoac testfiles and a variety of 
homemade blends + some other downloaded .blends).

I tried to test as much functionality as I possible could come up with, 
but please do some more testing, as I probably have missed something.